Steph Curry – The First Unanimous MVP

Steph Curry

Congratulations to Steph Curry for the Back to Back MVP award, as well as being the first ever unanimous MVP.

I was around to witness greatness in Michael Jordan, the amazing Allen Iverson, the killer instinct of Kobe Bryant, and the dominating LeBron James. Now, I can say I was around to see the game breaker that is Stephen Curry. Even though Michael Jordan is one of my biggest idols (Hell, I named my son Jordan), Steph Curry is by far, to me personally, the most exciting player out of all the greats I’ve been around for.

I hope he continues to change the game of basketball like he is doing now, that the Golden State Warriors go on to win their back to back championship, and that he continues to be as great and exciting as he is now.

Most importantly, I hope he stays healthy.


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